Art Of Plating

Park is a sushi restaurant in Westmount, Montreal that pairs the purity of traditional Japanese cuisine with Korean and South American flavours. Park is one of the only restaurants in Canada influenced by the time-honored tastes, craftsmanship, and knife skills of kaiseki cuisine. A respect for pure, sustainable, and ultrafresh ingredients is the foundation for all our dishes. Aesthetic presentation matters as much to us as deliciousness itself. New tastes, classic methods, conscious eating: Park is chef Antonio Park.


Our private import seafood license allows us to ship in the freshest, sustainable, line-caught fish. Our fresh seafood arrives daily, with some specimens flown in directly from Japan. We stock everything from our exclusive sustainable bluefin tuna to acupunctured snapper, where fishermen insert needles so that the trauma of death is avoided, allowing the cut to remain exceptionally tender. Everything served at Park exemplifies our passionate commitment to sustainability and traditional Japanese techniques. No frozen fish, no fake crab, no ‘dynamite’ rolls. Just the finest sustainable seafood.


Park is located inside the Victoria Park wellness center and is committed to healthy eating. We offer organic, gluten-free, vegan and wild products. All dietary requirements can be accommodated. Please call ahead for any special requests.


Park selects seasonal ingredients from around the world. We deal directly with local farmers and distributors to source top-quality produce and raw materials.

Our sushi is made with gold-medal koshihikari short-grain rice. We serve home-made soya sauce, house rice vinegar, and sharkskin-grated fresh wasabi. We ferment our own kimchi, as well as other traditional preserves. In season, we focus on superb Quebec and Canadian ingredients like wild mushrooms, foie gras, duck, venison, fiddleheads, and maple syrup—for example, our Chinook king salmon nigiri is torched with maple syrup glaze and finished with edamame-basil sauce. Other sashimi pairings include homemade chimichurri sauce, our two-year marinated Japanese caper berries, and Chef Park’s pickled jalapeno peppers.

Food photography - Park Restaurant, Westmount, Quebec. April 2012.


Park has the city’s largest selection of privately imported sake, as well as bespoke cocktails like our signature kimchi ceasar and a wine list that emphasizes Burgundian and other elegant, light wines that pair with our cuisine.


Park is listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in Canada, alongside being a Diner’s Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy Global Selection. Our work has been featured in Bon Appetit, BBC, CNN, The Montreal Gazette, Le Monde (12 best dishes of 2013), and VICE Media. For more, please see our press section.